Going back home!

March 13,2019

It’s been at least 19 years since I’ve been on Guam. This spontaneous trip back had me feeling so many emotions at once I felt sick. Although I am glad I’ll be going with my dad and my sister back home so I won’t feel too home sick.

On March 14,2019, we arrived in Guam, after the longest flight ever! We finally touched down around 5pm Guam time. I say ‘ Guam time ‘ because it’s literally a day ahead. If you don’t follow me on instagram I’ll say it here, as well, this trip wouldn’t have been completely possible without my older sister. When I said ‘ This spontaneous trip back ‘ I mean we bought our tickets a day before taking off… & that can be VERY expensive!

March 14,2019

Happy 69th Birthday Grandma!

As soon as we landed and got picked up we went over to the hospital to visit our grandma. It’s been a little over a decade since I’ve seen my dads side of the family. Although I wish this wasn’t the reason that would bring me back to Guam I’m so glad I got to see my family and spend as much time with them as we did.

Dear grandma & grandpa,

I love & miss you so much! I’m so thankful for the blessings we’ve had these past couple of months. Grandma, I can’t express how strong you have been throughout this whole process. I wanna say thank you to grandpa for never giving up on grandma no matter the circumstances. I hope that the angels continue to watch over you and even though we’re millions of miles away that we all are always thinking of you guys.

Hui guaya hao 💗

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