The Valley of Fire


Spring is the perfect time to take a trip into the desert. Especially if you want to check out the Valley of Fire. It’s about an hour and twenty minutes out from Las Vegas. The entrance fee is $10 per vehicle and if you are going to camp there it’s about $30 per night. I went and explored half of the valley and saw some wildlife.

A few items for the trip:

  • Water (most important! )
  • Snacks
    • Trail mixs
    • Nuts
    • Granola bars
    • etc.
  • Hiking/  Walking shoes
  • Sunblock (always take care of your skin)

Here are a couple of cool things I checked out!

The Valley of Fire
Elephant Rock

If you know me elephants are my favorite animals. As I was on my way to find this beautiful rock figure it was completely camouflage to the eye. Dispite the fact that it had a sign right under it pointing up at it. While I was on the trail trying to find the elephant rock I came across another rock That happened to look like a dog. Now, notice how the dog is facing, its pretty interesting because as I was capturing this I went up and face the same way…  Right below this photo you’ll see…

Valley of Fire
The Dog Rock


Valley of Fire
The Little Bear


  Made a pitstop to the visiting center to get an annual pass to the parks of nevada. As you drive into the parking section you’ll notice some semi-unusual rocks. My siblings and I called them Ghostly Rocks. Does anyone else get grossed out by thing with too many holes on them? Because thats totally me! Bleeeh..AfterlightImage 4

  Check out these seven sisters. Granted it is not the best angle but I still managed to get most of them into the picture. Featuring my dad, fun fact, growing up my dad was the type of photographer to do those weird poses for an illusion picture. The seven sisters are also a picnic area. Between each sister are a table area with little barbecue grills.

AfterlightImage 5

  I hope this encouraged you to get out & explore. If you do check out the Valley of Fire feel free to tag me on Instagram ! I’d love to see what you find. Thank you so much for stopping by until the next adventure! Be sure to follow my page to be notified when I post a new blog.AfterlightImage 11

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