Augustina Kapileo Salas

You know how you get a rush of excitement in your belly, goosebumps on your arms and close your eyes so tight as the rollercoaster makes its way to the top?… Well this isn’t that. This feeling is the rush you get while you go down into the dip of the rollercoaster but you can’t get back up.

March 14,1950 – June 8, 2019

2am Guam Memorial Hospital

Grandma Augustina,

We have very few memories together but those very few were the most memorable. Even though were miles away I hope you feel our love and know that we are glad you are no longer suffering. I hope that you heal the hearts that hurt during this time of your passing. Continue to protect and guide all the grandkids, baby Nico and any future generation to come as we grow. Please comfort my dad as he makes his way to you one last time, help grandpa and your boys hearts find peace as you rest. Although, it felt to early for us to let you go, we won’t forget the times we spent with you, the laughs we shared, and the love that was embraced by your presence. We love you so much. Rest in Love ❤️

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