Sol Blume 2019

Music festival is now in action! Get your fanny packs, sunblock, and chrome glasses out because we will be jamming all day! This was my first time attending Sol Blume and it was more than I expected. I flew out to Sacramento just for the day and I must say it just was not enough! There was way too much talent to just enjoy for a day.

Lets be honest my first time in sacramento, first time attending Sol and it is just their second year. I had some doubts, concerns, a bit sus. I couldn’t believe this was just their second year! Everything was so well organized, fast & easy access, if there was any slight cause of disturbance I did not notice at all. The festival was held at Caesar Chavez Plaza. A beautiful park area in the middle of downtown Sacramento. Not really the most appealling surroundings but there’s culture. This may have been the most semi- intimate music festival I’ve attended.

All this music, sun and good vibes let’s talk about the food! If you’re a food lover like me, boy!, Are you in for a treat! From street tacos, to gyro, to Asian cuisine. Can you say perfecto! Mmmwaaah! I feel as though this was the most diverse selection of food that I’ve ever seen at a music festival. I took a bite at the Hefty Gyro food truck and wooooh! Delicious! I wish I had took a photo of how mouth watering it was but I didnt want to make you drool. 

I wish I had the appetite to try all the other trucks but the way the lines were looking didn’t seem possible. After a few performances I had to get dessert! Bubble Cone was the most cutest so I just had too! Does anyone else base their food on what to eat by the way it looks? Insta worthy or nah… (ps. it didn’t make it to the gram)

Enough of all that food talk let’s not forget about the entertainment. There was a total of sixteen performers besides the main performance from Miguel. Since I flew the same day I arrived to the festival a little late afternoon so I missed seeing Umi & Tobi Lou perform but I made it in time to see Kiana Ledé preform.

You can find me trying to find my way to get to the front of the bless stage because I was about to be lost in Jessie Reyez set. The girl of the hour! Her performance, amazing! The crowds vibes, hyped as freak crazy! The only thing I wish we had experienced was her crowd surfing. Her energy was contagious and moving.

Sol Blume is a gathering of like-minded humans, where we celebrate diversity, culture, music and chill vibes.

Definitely down to go again next year! It had a mix of R&B, soul, and hip hop. Everything they are about they definitely delivered. Not to mention how beautiful the day was to be outside. Til this day I can honestly say I can’t get over the performers and Jessie set; legit obsessed! I can’t wait to see who they will have I hope they add Kehlani to their set list next year. Fingers crossed!

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