A Day in Old Sac.

This is how I killed time before leaving Sacramento. What do you do when you have time to kill? Instead of spending money on an Uber or lyft to drive where ever. I decided to walk out and follow the bike/walking trail along the river that was behind my hotel. It’s a beautiful day, it isn’t to hot, and check out is at eleven so I got to figure out what to do for the next six hours. Boarding is at five in the evening so how bad could this be?


It was such a beautiful day for a walk along the Sacramento River. At first I was a bit nervous walking around a town I wasn’t familiar with because it was a bit odd walking along the river when you run into an abandoned building. All I’m saying is I hope I dont regret walking along this river. As I kept walking this bridge gave me hope that something beautiful was up ahead. Then again theres nothing but trees following along this trail. Trying to contain my thoughts are like preventing a baby from learning to talk.

Did I walk upon an abandon railroad? Maybe it’s a movie set. Where is everyone? Maybe it’s closed it is still morning… Without another thought all I could think was how beautiful it all was. This time I didn’t run into an abandoned place I walked into Old Sacramento Waterfront. I’m completely shocked by where this decision led me but I can’t say I was disappointed.

If you enjoy exploring though history this would be a great place to check out. So many cool facts about how old sacramento was decades ago.  I believe about 50ft underground.

Tour guides explain how the streets and buildings were “Jacked Up!” to avoid further flooding as visitors explore two spaces that were created by the city’s successful raising process.

This tour was ineractive and entertaining. If you ever stop by Old Sac. I highly recommend doing the underground tour. Here is a little fun fact in the ‘olden days’ builders would use the sails from boats as walls. Admission tickets for adults are $18 and $12 for children (ages 6 – 17) ages 5 and under are free. It is a walking tour so wear comfortable shoes when going out to explore. The tour last for about an hour and it’s half-mile long going through old sacramento compared to where it’s at today.

It’s about one in the afternoon so we still have time to kill. I went to go and check out the southern excursion train but I had just missed the next tour by two minutes. Not to mention they have already boarded and was completely filled. The next boarding time was about 45 minutes after and the tour ran about 1-3 hours and it was kind of cutting way to close before my boarding time.

Yet again I chose to just walk and explore a bit more. So far I haven’t regretted anything along the way. I saw some good eatery shops, a downstairs tattoo parlor and then I met Shadow. Shadow is a local horse that takes you to 5 different tourist location. I was a bit hesitant at first because Shadow is a bit pricey but hashtag support locals.

Shadow range from $15 – $60. I chose to go see The State Capitol and the ride was so peaceful. Once we got to the Capitol I took my photos and everything. It didn’t feel rushed, not that I’m complaining, I was glad it wasn’t like ‘okay here’s the capitol (click) back to old town.’ I wish I took the time to see the Capitol tour but there’s always next time.

I went to Sacramento to go see Jessie Reyez perform at Sol Blume music festival and they had this bridge on the cover I thought that I should try to find it. It must be a land mark if they would use it for a cover right? And just like everything else today it was just around the corner. As I continued to walk around Old Sac I saw they had Joes Crab Shack along the river and what did I happen to find as I was walking towards it. I found it ! That ‘golden bridge’. Then I had a thought if this bridge is gold what is it called? because the golden gate bridge is in the bay area but that bridge is red… But this bridge is gold and it’s not called the golden gate bridge. Interesting ….

Fun Fact: This is the tower bridge it looks like the London suspention bridge but a lot smaller, gold and it doesn’t break in the middle to let the big ships through. The tower bridge is a vertical lift bridge. So instead of raising the middle of the bridge to split it is lifted up to allow the boats the pass.

I think I killed enough time until boarding. I still need to have enough time to check in and go through TSA to find my gate. If you think girls have alot of baggage this airport will prove you wrong. You can never have to many bags. If you ever find yourself lost in time not knowing what to do, just take that chance to explore, you never know what you may find along the way. Old Sac isn’t a hidden destination but I also didn’t realize how close I was to have this experience. Never be afriad of what the world has to offer.


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