First time in Ontario, Canada

Talk about checking off your summer bucket list. This trip was definitely one for the books! My sister Kiera and I took a trip to Canada and we checked the Niagara Falls off our bucket list. Took a few stops in Buffalo, New York for my sister in-laws graduation and checked out a few recommended foodie stops. If you ever plan on taking a trip out to Ontario, Canada here are a few things I recommend to definitely check out. Ps. beware of how many times I say beautiful. I don’t think you can help beauty when you see it especially when it come to nature.

While exploring the falls I highly recommend purchasing the Niagara Falls adventure pass to save money. There are plenty more attractions they offer that we couldn’t squeeze into our day. I believe there are two packages to choose from. Definitely look into the adventure passes if your going to do almost 80% of the attractions they offer. Canadian prices are a bit more expensive compared to the US. All prices are in CAD (canadian dollar)img_0240.jpg

Niagara Parks – US (Buffalo,NY) / Canada (Ontario)

1. Hornblower Cruise Tour

Prices: adult $25.95/ child $15.95

Which ever side you choose the view is breathtaking. Please note! If you are planning to do the boat tour for the falls I strickly recommend doing it in the morning. It wont be crazy crowded and depending on the day the tides aren’t always predictable. I say that because Kiera and I were planning on joining the next tour BUT it got canceled, closed, shut down, put to a halt. We were up early eating breakfast but by the time we went out high tide decided to come along. It was pretty funny seeing both the US and Canadian boat tours take place. US tour boat wears blue souvenir ponchos and the Canadians wear the red souvenir ponchos. Don’t fool yourself though of course I said “The red coats are coming!” while eating in our canadian breakfast spot.

2. Journey Behind the Falls

Prices: adult $21.95/ child $14

So what did we do? What anyone else would do. We did the tour behind the falls. It was interesting to say the least. I must warn you because no one warned me! Prepare to be wet! Not like ‘I just got my shoes wet!’ type of wet; It was soaking wet not considering the plastic panchos that we were handed. Being wet didn’t take away the beauty from being beneath the falls and the how cool it was. There are two viewing spots beneath the falls and two levels at the viewing point 13 stories below the falls.

To stand at the heart of Niagara, you’ll first need to descend 125 feet and explore 130- year-old tunnels through the bedrock, but you’ll feel the thunderous viberation of the Horseshoe Falls long before you see them.

3. Oakes Garden – The Niagara Parks (Canada)

Day one, the sun is out, the weather is perfect, and right outside our hotel is the most zen, green and beautiful garden. Who said you can only get a tan pool side? No one ever. It’s crazy to think a place so peaceful can be found right behind the most busiest tourist attraction. The Secret Garden is the perfect place to have a small stroll and the perfect view of the falls. It’s also the best seats to have when watching the fireworks at the falls. It’s most popular during the summer and it always begins at 10 pm. End your trip with something fun and beautiful.

4. Whirlpool Aero Car – (Canada)

Prices: adult $16/ Child $10.25

This is located in canada but you cross the international border a total of four times each trip due to the way the river elbows. Don’t worry you wont have to bring your passport on this ride. This time it wasn’t high tide but instead it was strong wind. Don’t worry we got to go through with this ride once it calmed down. We went around brunch time and surprisingly it wasn’t crowded, in fact, we were the first in line. This hundred-year old antique cable car takes you 3,500ft across the Niagara Gorge and it was about 45 minute long.

Clifton Hill

If your on a family trip or touring with kids this is the perfect place to be! Luckily for us we didn’t have any kids or pay for parking since it was right outside our hotel. Just like the falls attraction pass clifton hills offers their own pass as well. There are 6 attractions to do and experience.

Prices: adult (13 & up) $29.95 / child (3-12) $19.95

1. Niagara Sky Wheel

Price: adult $29.95/ child $19.95

It is Canada’s largest observation wheel with a breathtaking view for miles in every direction. I feel like I can compare this ride to the Great Wheel in Seattle. The ride is about 12- 15 minutes long and 175 feet high.

2. Niagara Speedway

Prices: Driver $12/ Rider $4

This had to be one of the most exciting attractions. It was like playing Mario Kart in real life. It had two spiral tiers and those wavy bumps. The only down side I can say was that the engine was pretty slow. It felt like it was barely going 15 mph or as canadians km/hr. I have never been one to understand car terminology. Mile per hour and empty is the only thing I watch. All that other engine stuff I leave to the guys. The track is the most prettiest during sunset.

3. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum

Prices: adult $17.99/ child $10.99

Not sure what you grew up on but Ripley’s had to be the most bizarre collector of all things odd besides the greatest showman. Like anything else on this trip so far we’re either too early, too late, or it’s the weather. But this time we were too late. I have to remeber that everywhere else does not run on Las Vegas time. Which means when it about 15 minutes until 12 in the morning just know that almost everything is almost, if not already, closed. We got to check out the front part of it where it had some interactive do-hickies. The museum itself is interactive and looked fun. As far as I was able to look it seemed pretty insta-worthy in some parts more than others.

4. The Upside Down House

Prices: adult $20

I found this gem on Pinterest and I just had to check it out! It’s completely insane how well structured this house was build. The elevation was crazy lopsided. When you first enter and go up the stairs you might feel dizzy. I’d like to think that’s pretty normal considering the fact everything else in the house was upside down.

The house is modeled as a two story but on the inside it was all on one floor. When you enter you walk into the kitchen the living room then into the bedrooms & living areas. You end the tour leaving through what I think was a den area?

Be on the look out for the places we ate at it will be worth the discovery. Happy Sunday!

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