Niagara & Buffalo NY Travel Guide!

Here is my little travel guide I’d like to share with you! We had spent 5 days going through both Canada and Buffalo, NY. It was definitely not enough time to explore the things we wanted to fit into our day. I had shared the few things we had experienced so I thought I’d share what we went and ate at besides the falls.


We stayed at Sheraton on the Falls Hotel. I am so glad my sister had found this hotel. It was literally the PERFECT location! I felt like it was in the center of all the things to do and experience while visiting Ontario. Getting around was easy because it was right below the hotel. We had a miniature casino, an arcade, and an indoor water park. We shared a room with two queen beds and the view was beautiful.


I wanted to list a few of my favorite foodie places we had ate at in both Canada and Buffalo. Some were really good recommendations and others we found walking around town. I’ll also be including my first time going wine tasting with my sister and her in-laws.

Our first day in Canada we had ate in our hotels complementary breakfast spot. I highly recommend to do anything that is complementary becuase Canadas prices were pretty high compared to US. Breakfast was a free buffet with a beautiful view of the falls. I felt like I never left Vegas. We had belgium waffles, sausage, egg Benedict, and servings of friuts. Downed with a cup of OJ and apple juice. Rate: 8/10. 2 points for the view.

Into Clifton Hill as we were exploring we walked upon fusion wrap. I got a beef poutine and my sister got a beef shawarrito. I heard the poutine is a popular canadian dish. If I must say, I totally agree! American chili cheese fries who?? If I had found this place sooner! This would definitely be my go to spot! It’s bascially cut up beef with fries, gravy and cheese curds. Not completely sure what a cheese curd even is but it was hitting the spot! My sisters was basically like a burrito. That’s the best way I feel like I could describe it. It had beef with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, rice and garlic sause. It was just as delicious! Rate 10/10 I wish it was here in Vegas!

One evening not knowing what to do, where to go or what to eat. Clifton Hill you did it again! Besides the fun attractions it has the best food selections. We walk into Kelsey’s Original Roadhouse around nine in the evening. Other than the live band that was playing we had a live show to go with it. Cheers to the girls living their best life! Back to the food! I would say these wings were better than Duffs in Buffalo. Servings were pretty big so we decided to share and the prices here were pretty nice considering how much everything else was costing. Taste buds give it 10/10. Entertainment 7/10.

Dessert on a hot day or after digesting a good meal is ALWAYS  a good idea! My sister found this cute ice cream shop below our hotel. I got red rapture (red velvet flavor), my sister got birthday cake, and the guys got hella hazelnut and the featured flavor cheesecake blues. And sweet jesus was it delicious! They had two sizes kids and regular. My sister and I got kids size and the guys got the regular size. It is worth a second trip and insta-worthy to share!

Need a fulfilling snack for the road? Head into this little town in Niagara-on-the-Lake off of Queen st. and head into Budapest Bakeshop. Sweet or savory they got it! There are plenty types of chimney shops around the US but every shop has a different style. I chose savory and got the aged cheddar chimney with sour cream and onion cream cheese. I savored every bite! Rate: 8/10

Another shop in this little town was cows. Heading in for dessert? This town has a bunch of different dessert craving all on one street. It’s dangerous! This is no ordinary Ice cream shop though. They have the cutest merch products worth uddering about. They also have chocolates and fudge, to mugs and udder stuff. Rate: 9/10 because of the cute merch. Enough cow jokes lets head over the boarded back to the US.

Before going to Buffalo my co-worker had shared one of her favorites spot that she thought I’d like. And man oh man was she right! It may look like a plain barbecue style hot dog and hamburger but quality over quantity ALWAYS! Ted’s Hot Dogs would be a place to definitely check out! They are cooked over REAL hardwood charcoal. It’s like a better version of in&out burgers with more options, better taste and texture.

I got a regular chicken sandwich with ketchup, mayonnaise, lettuce, sauerkraut and a regluar hotdog with cheese and relish. I had the chipole ranch and burger sause on the side to dip in case I didnt like it on my burger. Love skinny fries especially when it’s crunchy. I’d rate this place a 9/10.

We went to Buffalo New York to celebrate my sisters brother-in-law Ernesto graduating from his residency at the University of Buffalo. To congratulate him we celebrated at Giancarlo’s Sicilian Steakhouse. He is so fancy! This place is absolutely delicious! I got a scallop pasta dish and my sister got this amazing salmon with crab crust. I don’t think you guy know how amazing these dishes were! It may look small but it filled us up pretty good!

What’s dinner without dessert? Kiera and I shared a delious plate of tiramisu. This would be my first time trying this dessert. I have heard of it before, always been offered to try it and I normally would refused but if dinner was that tasteful how bad could this be? It wasn’t bad at all! I had to go in for a few more bites. Bonus points for them not touching the whip cream to the dessert. Overall I HIGHLY recommend going to Giancarlo’s! Service was a 10! Presentation, taste and size of the meals 10! To end the night with a tasteful dessert 10! Company and conversations 10! I  believe it’s safe to say we had a great experience at this restaurant. Rate 5 stars!

Before landing into Buffalo a flight attendant had recommended we go to Duff’s Famous Wings. According to Duff’s history it made a name for itself in 1969 and became Buffalos official famous wings in 1985. The only difference I notice compared to any other buffalo wing style restaurants was that their type of hot or mild was on another level! Not gonna lie their medium flavor had a mild kick to it but was it like ‘OH EM GEE people NEED to try this place!’ eeeh… It was okay nothing really crazy about it. Rate: 4/10. 1 bonus point for good fries and being very filling. It wasn’t all that though.


My first time wine tasting!

I’ve had wine before. Was I a fan? not really. It is something I could enjoy? maybe. Doing an actual wine tasting though!.. wait I’m sorry an actual ICE WINE TASTING! Canada is on a completely different level! We went to 4 different locations not to far from the city. Each winery was atleast 7 minutes away from each other if not less. Now I am not no wine expert or anything but it’s definitely something worth experiencing.

The Ice House Winery

Tasting: $15

First stop! I was a bit nervous and completely not interested into the wine tasting itself. Nervous for what? That we’ll be day drinking what felt like it could be all day and wont be able to drive any where… Will I hang if I do decide to join? Is wine tasting expensive? First look at prices I was like ‘Okay I’m done for the day.’ A bottle was like $70 for like a 200ml that’s like smaller than a bottle of vodka.  I wasn’t completely disappointed though. They opened my eyes to the tasting of ice wine and the different ways snacks can effect the flavor on your tastebuds. The mimosa ice wine slushy was my favorite!

Pond View Estates Wine

This one had to be my favorite! Maybe it was the cute cheese platter or the balsamic jam but I really enjoyed this tasting. I think I have a thing for fancy things. They had 3 flavors  of their ice wine slushy so I got one of those souvenir cups with blue raspberry and mai tai flavor. It was so delicious it lasted me all the way to the forth wine stop. I don’t remember how much the tasting was for this one but I do remeber leaving with two beautiful bottles and two cute wine cups to take home with me!

Wayne Gretzky Estates

This was our third stop and this had to be the most fancy winery I’ve been too. Skip the wine tasting we did the whiskey tasting. ooooh weee! Not my cup of tea! But I would rather sip on the new craft beer they had. I’m not really the one to kick back and drink beer but they got something going with No.99 Rye Lager. Whiskey was a bit strong for my tasting but it was still an over good experience. By this time I think I’m finished tasting wine my cup from the last winery is still half way full and I’m chilling on a good one at this point. Shout out to our amazing host and his trainee they were fun.

I couldn’t remeber the forth one. I literally gave up keeping track of what we were doing at this point. Heading back to the hotel we spent some time getting some sun on the pool deck. Later that night we had our last dinner out in the secret garden watching the Fireworks at the Falls. Check out my pervious blog here to see the rest of our adventures.

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