MaryJane Falls Hike

This had to be one of the most interesting hikes that I’ve been on. On request by my other half we heard it was a popular trail some of his buddy like to do. It had to be one of my favorite hikes here in Las Vegas so far. It is worth the hike! The scenery throughout the hike was completely beautiful. This trail made me want find more trails like this in Vegas. I think hikes are a great way to disconnect even if it’s just for a few hours.

Life is meant for spectacular adventures. Let your feet wander, your eyes marvel, and your soul ignite.

Mary Jane Falls

Location: Mt. Charleston

About an hour out from Las Vegas you’ll be taking the interstate 95 north. Exit off Kyle Canyon Road and have your playlist on for the ride up to Mt. Charleston. As you get to the turn going to Mount Charlestons Lodge take Echo road on the right side of the curve. You’ll pass through some houses and reach a brown sign that reads, ‘Mary Jane Falls’.

The first lot you go into is for Trail Canyon follow the trail towards the exit. On the right side before you exit is a gravel trail that will lead you to Mary Jane Trail parking lot. Save your self some distance to the falls becuase you’ll need it.

Level: Moderate

Don’t be fooled when some say “It’s easy” because unlike other who may or may not be phyiscally fit for certain trails this one can be difficult. You’re already elevated 8000 ft before starting the hike just know there is about an elevation of 900 more feet to go up so bring a lot of water.  There are some ‘switchbacks’ that make some parts more difficult than others and some were very narrow so be careful and share the pathways. Depending on how you look at it, it’s about a 3 mile hike round trip.


Hiking shoes: Absolutely necessary with grip! Depending on what climate you decide to hike in shoes with grips to help prevent from sliding

Water backpack: Very essential! Especially since the hike is at a high elevation. Extra water just in case and fill those pockets with some snacks to recharge.

Hiking stick: Not necessary but it could help those who may need the support.

The paths while hiking are very visable, So I don’t think you can get lost. Besides on the switchbacks some have shortcuts to either climb up or slide down. I wasn’t brave enough but if you were, tell me how that went. There were a few good spots to take a break in the shade and rest if needed.

It was pretty busy for a monday so I believe the weekend would be packed! Then again it is summer so parents do have to occupy their childrens time. It wasn’t a big stream but the view from the top is worth the hike.

This path is where you will begin the hike. The beginning is pretty easy the incline isn’t so bad until you get to the switchbacks. Remember to stay hydrated throughout this trail especially if you have kids along with you. Don’t get discouraged once you’ve made it to the switchbacks the first few isn’t so steep and narrow. Once you’ve got to this stump of a tree just know you’re already halfway there!

A view from the beginning of the switchbacks
Halfway there!

Speaking of halfway there! Check out this view! If this is what your looking at already being halfway up the trail imagine yourself at the top! Breathtaking! Yes, there is still a little bit of snow left at the top!

Alright! Your basically on the last wrap around. You can hear the falls a lot more clearer, you can almost feel how cold it is and a bonus for the cool breeze! If you got to this path don’t think about backing out now! Your just a couple steps away from the falls! In fact your practically looking at it!dc4dcb7a-df2c-4eb7-a792-e3c5c4619c81.jpg

Did you happen to catch the part when I said steps? Don’t worry it’s a bit steep but you’ve got this! Get through these and you have just scored a home run!

You’ve made it!

Looking to the bottom of the falls
Another small stream beside the falls

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