Q&A 25 facts: Get to know me!

Better late than never! But!, I don’t think I properly introduced myself on my own blog. Soooo here it is. 25 facts to get to know me a bit better than what you have probably already read. I’ll get the easy stuff out of the way first!


The reason why I made a blog:

1.If it wasn’t obvious I’ve been traveling and trying new things this year, more than I have ever done before. Each year during my ‘boring seasons’ where I have absolutely nothing planned I rewatch one of my favorite shows.  This year I rewatched ‘AWKWARD’. I then found out my favorite character Jillian (aka. Tamara) has a blog! After binge reading her blog site I thought “Why not me?”.  Growing up documenting any and every special moment was very important and I think this would be my most favorite memory album to come! I’ve tried the whole youtube thing and seeing how exposed others lives are I decided to take a break. I enjoy social media as much as anyone else but I dont think I wanna show my face and personal life like that.

Three things I love:

2.Mangos – Honestly the best fruit ever! I love anything made from mangos. Mango drinks, mango jelly, mango food … You get my point.

3.Shoes – Any and every type of shoes! I mostly prefer kicks but I think sandals, wedges and heels are just as cute. Some shoes more uncomfortable than others. I don’t have the best fashion sense and I honestly barely dress up at all. I feel as though shoes give me a different kind of confidence especially when the color way is blue.

4.Pictures – Another reason why I started this blog. Another main reason I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone is because I have to leave my home-bodied self and get out to join the world and see what nature provides. I have always loved taking photos wether I’m in it or not. My first camera as far as I remember was a purple polariod Izone camera.

Three things that annoy me easily:

5.Smackers – No I’m not talking about the chapstick brand. I’m talking about those people that smack their mouth while they eat. I’m pretty understanding and patient but please DO NOT chew with your mouth open.

6.Driving – I can’t be the only one! I swear driving brings out a different side (the worst side). I wont say I have road rage but there are certain things about driving I just absolutely cannot stand! aaaannnywaaaaaysss.

7.Being broke – I dont mean like pocket inside out broke. I mean when I really want something but I have to be financially responsible and just turn the other way. I’d rather spend money on taking care of my adult responsiblities and catching the next plane out of town. yah know! I know! Annnooooooying!

My celebrity crush(es):

8.This one is easy! Since day one! Troy BolZac Efron! Because once a wildcat ALWAYS a wildcat. But I think what ever Zac does I will always be that silent supporter. I am the kind of supporter that stays sat while the crowd is cheering for him on the basketball court, while sailing or traveling the world.

Zodiac sign:

9.Say what you want, think what you think! I think LEO’s are the best. I can’t say the best but we’re pretty awesome. Sun sign: leo (identity), Moon sign: Taurus (emotions), Rising sign: aries (outward persona), Mercury: Virgo (Communication), Venus: Gemini (attraction), Mars: Cancer (Action), Jupiter: Capricorn (expansion), Saturn: Aries (structure), Uranus: Aquarius (innovation), Neptune: Capricorn (spirituality), Pluto: Sagittarius (transformation). WOOOOAAAH that went completely left with a whole lot of information.

Last song I listened to:

10. Let’s do it again -J Boog

How many tattoos/ piercings I have:

11.I currently have 3 tattoos. Two on my wrist and one on my ankle. I definitely plan on adding a little bit more…maybe.

12.I had two piercing. Basic earrings on each ear but they’re closed now so none.

Three things that make me happy:

13.Me time: whether your single or taken I think having time for yourself is always a mood changer.

14.Traveling: Getting away from the reality of debt and money chasing is always a happy feeling. I enjoy plane rides and learning new things from where ever I am visiting.

15.Hiking: It’s kind of a mental thing… for me. Hiking gives me a goal to complete, to push myself, to prove that I cant do certain things no matter what my inner thought says because your harshes critic is yourself.

My pet:

16:Growing up my family had, I believe, four birds. A red bird Mickey, a cockatiel Snowball , and two love birds Seaweed and Mango. Two tortoises Niko and Biggy and currently I have my puppy shiba Troy. Yes he is named after Zac Efrons character Troy Bolton.

Something I really, really want:

17. At this moment I really want to spend a week or two, maybe even a couple of days in Utah and just do all their trails or get an RV and camp at zion. I say an RV because I’ve never been fond of camping with bugs and animals but camping is fun.

My favorite movie(s):

18.Movies not from my generation. I would have to say my favorite… has to be my best friends weddinggrease 1 & 2, the breakfast club, pretty in pink. Honestly I think movies during my moms generation were the best kind of movies. I don’t think I can say I really have any specific favorite movie because I love watching movies in general. But my current day and age type of movies are endless love , RENT , and clueless.

My idea of a perfect date:

19.I love drive-in theaters but I think something more perfect would be an outdoor DIY movie screening inside a fort. I say a fort because I’m not a fan of bugs.

20.Spend a weekend glamping, glam camping, disconnected from the world.

21.Maybe a hot air baloon ride in the morning served with ice wine.  After visiting Canada I just can’t go back to regular wine it’s just so different.

Do I smoke/drink:

22.I do not smoke. I prefer not too just in case a job I really want may be affected by it. However I do drink but I know how to handle my liquor. Yessssss! Liquor because I dont like or drink beer. I’m not a fan. I can do a bottle of like a wine cooler or whatever it’s called now-a-days but I stan with liquuuuuoooor.

Favorite color:

23.Blue -Loved blue since I started watching blue clues. Gold, love the color with any and everything. Yellow and Orange are growing on me but baby steps outside my comfort zone.

How many languages do I speak:

24.Besides english does sarcasm count? I like to consider myself bilingual. Some dont understand sarcasm and others get offended. For those who do speak sarcasm I feel as though in certain situations it’s an easy way to break the ice in some more than other conversations. I don’t use this language on a daily basis just when necessary.

And last but not least the 25th fact about me. My names is Kiana-Jordan. I come from the island of Guam and relocated from sunny San Diego to Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoy bike rides and walks along the beach….. aaaah what? Is this a dating app? This is real! this is me!… I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be… sorry this isn’t camp rock. Until the next blog catch up with me and my next adventure! Maybe I’ll add a recipe or two that I have learned this year.

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