August Life List 2019

It’s SUMMERRRRRRR! It is my birthday month and I literally can’t stop going back and forth about what I wanna do. So instead of thinking about one thing to do I made a list of the multiple things I wanna do. This can also be a mini bucketlist of this months activies!AUG LIST

Should we always follow whats trending? I say NO. Not all the time but if it is to show appreciation or just love and positivity why not! I listed a few of my favorite ‘August National Day’ trends that I want to share this month and a few other activies I think will be great to do during this summer break of August!

Aug 1st- National Girlfriend Day

A day at the spa- Wind down for yourself, with a spouse or with your gals

Aug 4th- National Sisters Day

Go to the pool- What’s summer without a pool day!?

Summer clean out!- Like Spring Clean but in the summer get rid of those winter clothes!

Yellow Mani/Pedi – Because why not!

Aug 8th- National Frozen Custard Day

Hike a new trail- Where the climates are cool!

Find a hidden tourist spot

Host a game night- There’s nothing like gathering friends and families for a fun night

Aug 12th- National Vinyl Day

Mahjong Night- 18+ a fun chinese gamble

Create a mango treat- If you have read my lastest blog you know what it is 😉

Aug 17th- National Thrift Day

Organize your beauty/ workspace- does it really need to be there?

Get a new haircut- A haircut a hair style … I’m dying to get braids this summer!

Aug 27th- National Just Because

Aug 29th- National Chop Suey Day (ooooh yeah!)

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