Being 23!

Each year you have this fantasy of how you want to be celebrated. Hitting your first double digits is a big deal! Entering your teenage years is even more important! Once you hit 18 it’s nothing but adulthood goals. 21 you’re living your best life! But 23!? As Miley said “My feet on the floor, I’m ’bout to turn up now!”. Taylor Swift could never, being 22.

But before we ‘turn up’ let kick back! Before all the birthday festivities I had an entire day to myself and for myself. Entering a new year with new energy is so important! Don’t ever forget to celebrate yourself before you share wealth. Just joke! It just rhymed as I was writing it out. But on a real note adulthood does take a toll on one being so some self care wouldn’t hurt.

Everyone has different goals, different lifestyles but I think the one thing that stays true for everyone is to life your best life possible. So after a little self care, a little gambling wouldn’t hurt. Would it? A few family members of mine came out to Vegas to have a little getaway and what a better time then on my birthday! I learned a few new tricks on how to strategically play the slots and what games are worth putting my money into. Bingo is also fun, it is so underrated by this generation. Sure the room is mostly filled with ‘old people’ but they’re retired they really don’t have an excuse.

Lets hit the strip! Did you really celebrated yourself to it’s full potential if you didn’t go to the strip!? Possibly, depending on what you enjoy that is. We spent the night walking the strip with a yard long cup full of Fat Tuesday slushy. Now I not saying you need to drink, club or gamble to have a good time but you only live once. Go out to see your favorite artist or DJ, spend a couple bills but don’t get to outta hand.

It’s all fun and games until your wallet hurts. Mark my words know your limits. I don’t have any regrets about the past week because these materials things come and go. If we are gonna get real with real life. ‘More money, more problems’ at this point this whole YOLO is weighing on my responsibilities. Growing up adulthood was a dream. A car should be like 20 bucks in reality it’s 20 thousand. Ever thought about your dream house? Well they don’t say ‘hard work pays off’ for nothing.

Being 23 has made me realize what I want, what I need and what’s important. I can’t stress how well life is being an adult. We mostly complain about how much hours we put into work and how often we get to travel but I can’t really complain. I plan on reaching more goals, going on more adventure. This life you live is not something to wish and hope for. This is the oldest you’ll ever get and the youngest you’ll ever be. I think that’s how that saying goes… Age is just a number so don’t let it hold you back.

At this age I’m still learning to love all of me but to love all of me is to accept the flaws in me. Being 23 and seeing how far I’ve come since high school I couldn’t be more proud of myself I can’t wait to see where I’m at by age 25. So for now let’s cheers to Jordan Year. Hashtag being 23.

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