My Favorite: Netflix

Happy Sunday!

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite Netflix shows that I’m currently or have been loving. I feel as though I don’t have any specific type of show that I like as long as they are really good.

I bet some of these will definitely be on your list! Especially since we’ll be ending summer with a few good shows coming out with new episodes.

Jane the Virgin

Genre: drama, comedy

Since the season ended this summer I thought I’d start with Jane the virgin. Five seasons of a roller coaster filled with emotions in this telenovela like series. A love triangle with a side of mystery & plot twists. I definitely had to binge watch this show because I was a bit late on the train. But surprisingly I ended up really enjoying this series. It’s sad that the show is over but all good things must come to an end.

13 Reasons

genre: drama, crime

I will give you thirteen reasons why you should watch this show if you aren’t already watching it. 1. suspenseful crime 2. teen drama 3. suicide – an important topic to discuss 4. mental discussion – looking at another persons view of life 5. bullying – a discussion kids today should change 6. family issues 7. forms of harassment’s /assaults 8. why clay is so nosy 9. #poorhannah 10. reckless use of drugs 11. secrets that lie within schools 12. the hook ups 13. #stillfuckbryce ?

The 100

Genre: action, drama, sci-fi

If you haven’t seen this show! I definitely recommend to check it out! It’s all about world ending, new world same people kind of drama, the relationships and war. If you are currently watching this show who is your favorite character? Currently love Maddie and Clarke. Annoyed with Octavia and how problematic she became but she turned out pretty cool in season 6.

The Rain

Genre: action, sci-fi, international

It is similar to the 100 but their world had already ended and there is this disease they try to cure in this zombie apocalypse kind of setting. Instead of finding any new worlds they are trying to survive on the their own earth, home, planet. Not the best description I could give but it’s definitely worth it.


genre: drama, crime

I’m pretty sure it is no surprise to see riverdale unless you’ve been living under a rock. This show is a teen drama I could never see any kids in high school going through. The set is a mixture of the late 1940’s in today’s technology. In love with the drama and the crime solving mysteries.


Genre: drama, crime

I’m sure your catching a pattern by now. If you loved Elizabeth Gillies from the show Victorious you’ll love her even more in Dynasty! Her attitude, boss-like, petty type of humor. Crazy family drama, money chasers and fabulous parties that always has tea to spill. What keeps you hooked might be all the betrayal.

Money Heist

Genre: action, crime, international

Since we’re on the topic of money this is the perfect time to get you on Money Heist also known as ‘la Casa De Papel’. There is a ‘professor’ the master mind and eight other criminals. With a well strategic plan the professor had convinced these eight criminals to lock themselves inside ‘the royal mint’ (a bank) and pull off the biggest heist ever done. It currently just released their third chapter and I think if this was real they might have broke records of how well executed the whole heist went done.


Genre: action, crime, international

Ever wonder what it’s like living a life closed off from the world? How people can live the way they do after doing wrong? Wentworth is basically a better version of Orange is the New Black. The lifestyle of crime itself is already interesting but what happens behind those walls shocked me. It shows that it isn’t always about what you know but who you know. My favorite character was Bea she was the ‘top dog’ with good intentions.

These shows have been on the top of my list especially with these new episodes this summer. If you have any recommendations of what shows I should check out definitely leave it in the comments section below. I love a good binge. Until next Sunday!

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