My Favorite: August ’19

Welcome and Happy Sunday!

I’ve been wanting to do this for the pass couple of months now but I literally keep forgetting to list what I have loved for those months but this month wasn’t it. I literally keep saying this but since August is my birth month (shout out to all the leo babies!) I couldn’t forget any of my favorites from this month! I may share a few of my favorite things I used a lot this month and a little bit of what I got as a gift for my birthday. Just a quick disclaimer because of the way this generation is I am in no way shape or form trying to brag or ‘show off’… Literally always wanted to say that because of youtubers. But in real life I just wanna shared what I loved throughout the month of August! ❤

The first thing I want to start with is my everyday essential! Scrunchies! I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have at least one with me. Since I have wavy/curly hair a regular hair tie is just to tight. I’ve been wearing scrunchies in my hair since I was little also because most of the time my hair is so thick it would snap a regular hair tie. So scrunchies are my go-to hair accessory.Especially if it is blue or a cute nude.

Honestly not sure what I would do without shoes! It’s just a must! Of course I have those days where slippers are it but shoes I can’t live without. My favorite pair has to be my blue continental 80. I literally got these not only on sale but was lucky enough to grab the LAST pair that was on display!

Another footwear I’ve been loving is my new rainbow sandals! Coming from Cali to the valley I’ve never seen any stores carry the rainbow slippers til this year. Maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough before but rainbows have always been my favorite brand of slippers very long lasting, love how thick they are and very cute. Never really like the ocean but you’ll always catch me at the beach!

A couple of things I did throughout August was shop! I literally had the time of my life. It is so rare for me to just have a full on shopping spree for myself. But a couple of things that I treated myself to ended up being the best purchases I’ve made this month.

A week after my birthday this online store I’ve been following for a while recently had just opened its first store out here in Vegas. I wouldn’t have missed this grand opening! I got these two cute boyfriend tees and it is so simple and cute.

It’s almost fall and lately with all these cotton candy sunset skies how can you not set a mood for yourself!? So far every other day I would just light two candles in my living room and just chill. Whether I’m listening to a new playlist or catching up on some episodes. A candle lit evening by myself will always be a mood.

I can’t forget this handy moisturizer! Fun fact I have this habit at work. When ever I use hand sanitizer I always put lotion on after. I can’t stand when my hands are too dry. I’m obsessed with having my hands being soft a bonus for a good scented lotion. I can’t have anything that’s smells to strong and over powering.

From lime-wire to mp-3 to pandora and now on to sound cloud or Spotify. It’s crazy how far technology has come. How ever your listening to music check out my current favorite playlist on Spotify.

If it’s a surprise, it really shouldn’t be… but of course I got to include my latest go-to hand bag! You probably guessed it! Yes it’s blue, cute and small. The one thing I really love about this bag is that it has this handy little hook at the front where I can easily attach my keychain. I love a good pair! Not all hand bags have a matching wallet and this is one of those bags but luckily I found the perfect match that not only is the same color with the classic coach design but fits perfectly inside. Looking at it, it may seem too long to even go in but it fits like a little divider inside which makes it easy to organize anything I put in.

Lastly I’d like to share is the little sleeve card holder. At first I was worried about how well it would hold my cards because it’s not secured on the bottom but surprisingly I haven’t lost one! Knock on wood I hope I didn’t jinx myself but living in Las Vegas I do enjoy a little gamble here and there. So having this card holder case comes in handy. Some players keep their cards in their wallets but I don’t like how bulky it gets. Most of the other players keep it on a ring keychain but unlike the wallet it is just a mess to me. Having this sleeve wallet makes my wallet less bulky and it keeps my purse more organized in a compact size with it a cute little design.

Comment below what were some of your favorite things this summer. Let me know what song or playlist you have on repeat! Thank you for reading hope to see you next week! 💙

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