How I survive being sick

Hey there! So lately I’ve been a bit on the down side of things lately which is really rare because I hardly ever get sick but when I do the vick’s and tissues come out! I will be sharing my care package when I’m feeling under the weather.

My most common go-to products are puffs vicks plus lotion and Vick’s vapo rub. I’m never severely sick so my care package might be a bit small. When I do happen to come down with something it’s most likely a cold. I always have a small box of tissue in each room around my house. My favorite brand of tissues are puffs plus lotion. With other common tissues it tends to tear the skin on my nose with puffs no matter how much or how hard I blow my skin doesn’t tear.

I love love love love the brand Vick’s literally so useful for like any and everything! Vicks is that brand that’s so universal but most helpful to me when I’m sick. I use the Vick’s vaporub on my nose and chest when I’m congested. Sometimes I’ll have it rubbed on my back and feet. When I’m on the go I use Vick’s vapoInhaler it’s so helpful and very sanitary. You don’t have to stick it completely up your nose just close enough to get a good sniff. It also takes away from using your hands on your face and constantly applying more vaporub after every blow.

Like anything else I like to keep my own sanitizer on hand where ever I go! You can never be to careful about what you come into contact with. If bath and body works started making little portable soaps I’d carry that as well. Another item I cannot go without is my Dionis’ chapstick! It is such an essential when I’m feeling blue just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I should be crusty. Being sick sometimes makes my body feel like mush but staying moisturized and sanitized makes me feel halfway put together.

Night time is always the hardest for me to get through. Other than staying up super late to constantly blow my nose and keep my airway clear of congestion Vick’s NyQuil is my best friend! I’ll tell you I hate liquid medicine it’s honestly the absolute worst! I don’t like the lingering flavor it leaves on my tongue in my mouth it takes about a couple of mouth washes to remove the flavor. It takes about 5 – 10 minutes for it to kick in and I am out like a light! I’ve always had a hard time swallowing pills it literally took me till I was, maybe around, eighteen years old to finally try taking pills. Why I waited so long to try taking pills? Because chewable medicine was still an option at the time.

Now that I’m 23 years old for some reason I’m finding myself to get sick a bit more often than I have ever been. There was this one time I got sick so bad but I didn’t have a straw in hand to take my pills. It took about five years to master taking a pill without a straw. I still panic a little and contemplate if I can actually do it but everyone has their corks. Mine happens to be terrible at swallowing fat pills but what can you do when you have a small throat. Speaking of fat pills another medicine I use, it’s not another Vick’s brand, to help with my congestion is Mucinex. I mostly use it during the day so I’m not coughing and constantly trying to clear my throat throughout the day.

Lastly the day one go to ,on the go, product to have in hand is Halls! Any flavor with honey is my favorite. I used to have a bad habit of eating the halls like candy when I was in middle school but I feel like everyone has done that so I don’t feel too guilty. When I cough, I cough pretty hard so having halls is always soothing for my throat.

Other things I keep on hand, which I feel is a given I always keep a small trash can by me at all times to throw away any tissues and in case any unexpected body fluid decides to come up. Lemon tea mhmmm sounds so nice right now. I’m always stocked on tea packets for times like these or when I need a cup of camomile before I go to bed.

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