LV GEMS: Happy Place Museum

Every weekend I try to at least find something new to do in Las Vegas. Wether it’s new to the city or something I just haven’t experienced yet! This week I took my family to the Happy Place pop up shop. Known as the most instagram-able spot.

It was constantly popping up on my feed on Instagram so I had to check out the hype of it all in person. Luckily for me they had a package deal for groups which made it a bit easier on my wallet for my of five. This even pop up shop ends in February so I suggest to definitely check it out!


GA Adult $35

GA Child (4-12) $28

Four Pack Bundle $30

GA Group (10+) 29.50

Halloween (special) $20

Room #1 Gum balls & M&M heels!

A bonus of this room was a cup of gummy bears!! If you know me gummies are everything!

Room #2 C is for COOKIE

And what a sweet cookie it was! This has to be one of the kids favorite room! But it was my parents that had the most fun with it!

Room #3

Not gonna lie this was definitely one of my favorite rooms thus far! I’ve always wanted to take photos in this type of room. I find them the most beautiful.

Room #4 the upsideuʍop

Now I know for a fact the kids had a blast in this room ! It was super cool finding different ways to pose and get that right angle for the illusion.

Are we still counting rooms at this point? Because there is plenty more to come! The next few rooms were perfect for boomerangs ! Some smaller than others but still kind cool! They had this cool chain room, a little disco moment than we walked into what was a dream come true for my sister Kelekia. A unicorn fantasy!

Fantasies and all the kids were having so much fun it started to become hard to take photos of them. We than started to drift into different rooms getting lost in the experience. Which I believe is kind of the point of this shop right? So I’ll insert the rest of the photos we were able to take at this fun filled happy place!

Things to know if you will be going!

First when you arrive of course you gotta check in. The staff is super sweet and so helpful throughout the tour! Just know the staff isn’t just showing you each room BUT they will also be assisting you (if needed) to get that perfect Instagram shot. They were such a big help in certain rooms that we had no idea of how to pose or what to do. I think the hardest room was the upsideuʍop room and the kisses room.

What’s a limited pop up shop without merch? Of course since it is here in Vegas for a limited amount of time the merchandise is a bit pricey. Please don’t quote me on these prices I forgot to get that info… ha

Shirts/ Jean jacket $50-$35

Bandanas $20+

Magnets $6

Shot cups $10

Plus more I can’t think of right now.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post I know my family and I had a blast! Ps. I made a little video of our time there as well so be sure to check it !

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