Quarantine Summer

I’ve had summers like this before throughout middle school and I can’t say they were bad because those summers were probably the best I’ve had growing up. There were definitely some limitations because the parents were working , older sister was minding her own & then there was me, how was I to entertain myself ? If I wanted to do something how will I go about it? What was I going to eat if I didn’t want to eat what I had in the kitchen?

The only difference is that there’s a whole pandemic virus still going around. But that shouldn’t ruin our summer, right? No. Nevada definitely isn’t California but activities are activities, pandemic or not I’m ready to kick up my feet, blast the beats & make some memories! Of course with proper precautions, sanitation and 50+ SPF of sunscreen. Everyone is back at work, luckily for me I work from home now which means time is on my side. I couldn’t be more grateful to be in this position to work on my time and feel proud of what I accomplish along this journey of entrepreneurship that brings more opportunities.

Here are a few things that can definitely NOT be left undone this summer during quarantine!

– Rollerblading

– Stay-cation

– DIY wall decors

– Netflix (is always a move)

– Spa Day

– Hike Cool Trails (Vegas gets too hot)

– Picnic Book Readings

– Game night with friends / family

– Sunbathe (50+ SPF Protect the skin)

– Doggy dates

– Backyard Bonfire

– Canvas Painting

– Drive-in Movies

– Bicycling

– Photo shoot (backyard/patio/anywhere really)

– Maybe a sleepover or two or plenty (with like less than 10 people haha)

Hopefully we all take proper precautions during this second wave of COVID. All these things can easily be checked off staying within your neighborhood.

You can find me:

Instagram: _kiianajordan

Follow me & see what I checked off this summer of 2020! 🙂 ☀️

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